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Apartment #better

The #better Apartment project was realized by the #better Association in partnership with Romexpo and exhibiting companies from BIFE-SIM 2019, benefiting from a real success among the visitors.

This project took the form of the desire to inform the public about a correct apartment in terms of the optimal surface and the arrangement of the furniture. It contains both the educational / informational side (financing, contracts, loans, etc.), as well as the practical presentation of a correct apartment in terms of surface, access and layout of furniture.

The companies participating in the BIFE-SIM 2019, involved in this project were: Wood Art, Blum, Bucin Mob, Lismaster, Green Mood, Luminna, Home & More Concept, Quadra (Fain Living), Oana and Sipro. Also, in order to carry out this project, companies such as Delta Studio and Kulttur, Bim Drafter, ABB Romania (electric), Mirror & Partners and Deretica (centralized aspiration system) joined.


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